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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  July 16, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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>> shocking u.n. figures, 5000 syrians are dying every month in the country's civil war. hello there. also on this program, the egyptian president swears in a new cabinet. the muslim brotherhood says it is illegitimate. breaking the embargo. a ship is seized on the panama canal carrying missiles being smuggled to north korea. and families of close to 6000 people presumed dead in india's floods refused to give up hope.
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the united nations says 5000 syrians are being killed in the country every month. the u.n. also warns it is getting to be increasingly difficult for people fleeing the conflict to find a safe refuge. this is said to show victims near the capital of damascus. nine people, including a child, were shot dead. and there is the assistant secretary general for human rights at the u.n., and he says growing religious intolerance is fueling the violence. >> of the great problem with the situation is that we have an escalation of sectarianism, and our data speak about it. we have cases of sectarian massacres, and we have an escalation of the hate speech,
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but in the sermons and the mosques, on web pages, even in teachers, not only in syria but in the neighboring countries, we are hearing the hate speech, the escalation of sectarian violence. it would be extremely dangerous and would shortly be bad. at the moment, the most important is to prevent sectarian violence from further escalating. >> ok, well, let's update you now on the fighting in the ground in syria. there are reports of intense fighting on the outskirts of the syrian capital. there has been heavy shelling, and fighting between the three syrian army -- the free syrian army and government forces. >> the syrian army tanks tried to push the rebels. there was heavy shelling.
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there is a continual escalation of the syrian war, evidence. using locally, modified guns. they say they have taken the tanks, but they do not know if they are functional. they say that women and children were killed, dozens more injured. they say the destruction has made thousands of people homeless. after three weeks of bombardment, many are still stockier been in search of shelter -- many are stuck here and in search of shelter. >> our children are dying of hunger. more in the streets. >> major gains by the syrian army by the fighters.
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the rebels are divided. country promised military assistance. this raises more concerned. syrians are losing diplomacy and promises. >> there were endless meetings here and there that never really help us. we cannot even get a piece of bread. we cannot even find a way to escape from here. >> they have taken to grasping the meeting. aljazeera. >> the violence in iraq and the war in syria can no longer be separated. that is a stark warning from the outgoing united nations envoy, who says the situation is at risk of spiraling out of controlled if not -- out of control if not addressed. there is also an issue with security. thousands of people of been killed, more than 7000 wounded
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in just the last four months. the report points to human rights violations against women and children, and it says the iraqis are taking up arms against each other. and egypt has a new interim cabinet, and it faces an enormous task. one of its jobs will be to fix the broken economy. they will try to heal deep social and political divisions. we have more from the egyptian capital. >> egypt now has an interim government to lead it. it's cabinet has been sworn in. experts. there are parliamentary and other elections to be held. the spokesman for the interim is a conservative party and the muslim brotherhood. the muslim brotherhood's says this is not true.
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even if it was, it would not accept. elsewhere in cairo, people were recovering from street battles. at least four people were killed an event for mohamed morsi. >> while we were walking in a march, peacefully, without any weapons, they attacked us with automatic guns. now feel more responsible for the people who died, and i will not leave until we get there. >> hundreds of people were treated for injuries. >> we have many pieces of cases coming in with weapons all over their bodies. there were some hit with live ammunition, others run over by cars. i have never seen so much blood in my life. >> fighting between supporters and the police.
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police fired tear gas to break up the crowd, but this went on for hours. a few hundred more people spend the night in this mosque. they say it was not safe to leave until daylight, because groups of men roaming the streets would not protect them. the muslim province says it has spoken to him and that he is in good health. the were dealing with deteriorating security situation and failing economy, with attention on the street. morsi supporters in the city. >> these pro-democracy protesters, as they have been calling themselves, they have once again have to deal with death and violence, mainly the victims who have been from their supporters.
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many of them have been channeling their anger at the military and the security services, which they blame for the killing of the innocent protesters. now, they both have been channeling their anger and opposition, and the interim government, in the formation of a new cabinet, they say it shows a blatant inconsistencies. for thee allowed minister of interior and others to keep their jobs. this is because of the lack of security. a lot of anger here. also, a somber mood. more death and violence in cairo. >> in cairo. now, u.s. attorney general eric holder has called for a
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rethinking of the stand your ground laws. he was speaking to a national association of colored people, addressing the acquittal of george zimmerman in the killing of trayvon martin. he said they need to question the idea of self defense. and there is the martin family lawyer who says that they are confident that there is enough evidence to prove racial motivation, but they are leaving this to the federal government. >> we are very thankful that after the not guilty verdict that we heard, the federal government, including president obama, has issued a statement supporting the family and calling or introspection to make sure they are receiving equal justice. there was a statement from eric holder, saying he does plan to look at civil rights violations against george zimmerman. we're confident they're putting forth evidence that george is a
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remnant was motivated primarily by racial hatred. there were the calls to 911, reporting a black male with suspicious activity on the property, and when he got out of the car, he said was afraid he would get away. i think it is very clear that he was not going to let another one get away. right now, we do not think it is an appropriate time to discuss this, but we want to make sure that all citizens of the united states get equal justice in light of this not guilty verdict. >> a north korean ship carrying illegal weapons. it the shipp allegedly stopped in the panama canal on way from cuba. was hidden beneath the cargo of sugar. the panama into a drug office had been tipped off that there
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were drugs aboard the ship, which was sailing home from cuba using the panama canal. the panamanian government sources tell aljazeera that they try to intervene to have the ship released. the panama president saw this for himself. >> it is extremely sophisticated and appears that these are aerial or defense missiles. we do not know what is in the other containers, but we will have to take out all of the sugar to determine what is in this ship. >> they say that the north korean captain tried to commit suicide by splitting his wrists. he is now under medical supervision. the crew also offered resistance. >> they have been held by police. spoken to some of them
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through the help of the interpreters, but we do not have much. >> there is still questions about the cargo. are new or used. panama says they do not have the expertise to determine this and have asked for outside help, presumably from the united states. whatever the details, the president there says the ship has been violating united states -- u.n. resolutions. >> we cannot allow the passage of this type of material about declaring a through a country or hiding it, as you can see. this is so authorities can investigate. >> the ship has reportedly been caught before, trafficking narcotics and small arms ammunition. north korea and especially cuba where containers were loaded, but now, there are some serious
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things to do. aljazeera. >> welcome back. 5000 people are dying each month in the syrian war, according to the united nations. it is becoming much harder for people fleeing the conflict to find refuge. the new interim government in egypt has been sworn in. there are calling for ousted president mohamed morsi to be reinstated, and panama has intercepted a north korean ship carrying illegal weapons. their president says the ship stopped in the panama canal on route from cuba. lastpeople missing after month's flash floods in northern india are now presumed dead. many families are refusing to
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give up hope. we have a report from new delhi. her husband and mother-in-law. the family, along with their youngest son, were on a pilgrimage when a sudden landslide swept away the road they were working on. the degree kept falling from above. dirt, rocks. it was really raining. >> we have not seen them since. >> a month after floods and landslides devastated the state, families are still searching for almost 6000 people. officials say the missing will now be presumed dead so that refunds can be given to their relatives. the victims are entitled to just over a thousand dollars. >> we are abiding by what the families of the victims say, and
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if they say their relatives have not come back and have no hope, we are providing them with monetary relief. this is a relief and not compensation. we are not issuing debt certificates. we are assisting families and are with them during the time of disaster. and a lack ofr good weather is hampering the situation. this is also becoming increasingly difficult with time. have come up and have survived difficult ordeals. be, yes, they would not surviving. >> under indian law, those who are missing cannot be declared dead for at least seven years, ut for grieving relatives, closure could still be a long way. aljazeera, new delhi.
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>> armed protesters have stormed the eastern libyan port southwest of benghazi. they say a ship bound for italy was being loaded with crude oil when the arms group arrived. protesters forced workers to shut down operations, and at this point, their aims are still unclear. the israel prime minister has reacted angrily to new european union guidelines for funding projects. theyalestinian territories, blocked institutions and settlements that operate in the occupied west bank as well as the golan heights. paul brennan has this report from jerusalem. >> this has hardened significantly in recent months. it could be used to prop up the occupied territories. the new guidelines will deal
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with economics, science, culture, and academia. the main type of funding affected. what it does not cover yet is trade, but the sentiment is clear. >> we are prepared in order to implement that commitment to make a clear distinction between the state of israel and the occupied territory. >> palestinian authorities have warmly welcomed the news. they have listened very carefully and should understand that they cannot continue without accountability, and there was nothing but profit. nothing to lose. >> for those that won support, they will have to sign, 1967ulating about the pre- borders and not in east jerusalem or the occupied west bank or the golan heights. the settlements
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are not part of israel. the action of the government has been swift and critical. really want that peace and stability to discuss this issue for problems that are more urgent in the region, like the iranian race to obtain nuclear weapon. >> u.s. factory of state john kerry is back in the middle east for more consultations on whether negotiations can be restored between israel and the palestinians. with mahmoud abbas. jordon. >> this will affect areas including those needing cooperation, youth exchanges, and even tourism. the question is whether it will provide an incentive to draw israel back into meaningful talks or push it further away. paul brennan, aljazeera,
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jerusalem. >> the united states says it is legally justified in seeking the return of the fugitive whistle- blower edward snowden to face spying charges. snowden has submitted a request for temporary asylum in russia, according to his lawyer. he has been stuck in a moscow airport for several weeks since leaving hong kong. felis misinformation about surveillance by the u.s. national security agency. >> our position on this remains what it was and is quite clear, which is that we believe there is ample legal designation for the return of mr. snowden to the united states, where he is charged with serious felonies. >> meanwhile, the u.s. government could be forced to reveal more details of the spying program that edward snowden brought to the world's attention. we have more on that from washington. >> a federal judge has ordered the obama administration to
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declassify the ruling which justifies the existence of -- the data collection program aimed at u.s. citizens and anyone else communicating with u.s. citizens. a program which the giant internet company on new has resisted, trying to take part in, because it did not want to reveal the private information, it said, of its customers and users. however, the government was able to compel young new as well as other companies, such as facebook, to turn over that information in what it considered a massive and necessary national security surveillance program. however, the government now agrees that it is going to have to declassify the ruling, and it will make most of the information public by the end of august. in the meantime, the man who made public the existence of this, edward snowden, he has applied for temporary asylum in russia. however, the u.s. government is
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not happy with this action. the russian government is said to need to return him to the united states as soon as possible. human rights activists and journalists, he is not, in he needs to be held accountable for what the u.s. government says are felony charges for revealing classified information. >> the capture of one of the most wanted men in mexico is being seen as a boost for the president, who vowed to bring down violence in his election campaign. zetas cartel is in custody, but a bigger battle could be right around the corner. >> the mexican president campaigned on a strategy of crime prevention, rather than locking up kingpins. some felt he might be soft on crime, but his latest high- profile arrest leaves little that he plans to go over
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cartels. one day after they arrested one of the most-wanted criminals in latin america, the forces. >> when there is coordination and the use of intelligence and technology in the fight against crime, we can have great results. >> it was the president's biggest political victory since taking office last december. previousrategy of the permit was one of confrontation between authority, and the strategy of this government is coordination between the authorities so that each has a collaborative effort. >> in a pre-dawn raid, they captured the leader of the as a, trevino, known ruthless killer who beheaded and tortured people.
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many here are skeptical. that his latest arrest -- arrest will make the country safer. >> the power of mexico. they are the real power. the fact that they catch one leader is not want to change much. >> after the capture, mexican security forces are on high alert for violence. it is expected that a power struggle will be unleashed, and meanwhile, rival gangs -- rival gangs will try to gain territory. with those latest arrests, few here doubt that the organization which has been terrorizing its enemy and mexicans for the past several years will disappear. aljazeera, mexico city. >> hundreds of greek workers have marched through the streets of athens in a 24-hour strike. many of them made their way to the greek parliament.
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there, the government is due to start firing up to 15,000 public workers by the end of next year. indigenous people in argentina are telling energy companies to stay away from their land. a recent study says they have the fourth largest shell gas reserves. the communities are concerned about the impact it might have on their lives and also the environment. our report. >> the tribe says their patagonian lives have been affected by these decades. about to,ear what is is much worse. more men say they are than 100 years old, and there is not much left of the wildlife. a lot of oil and a lot of these things.
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the leader of the community. it means a place with no water. a problem, he says, that will get worse, and an american company may start injecting pressurized water to extract gas. this is a process known as fracking.-- >> they will ruin our land and use of our water. company done an exploratory well. the committee was led by a 30- year-old activist. but she died last month. her mother blames the oil pollution. >> they should leave us in peace. at least for the years we have
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left. >> the land may be rich in resources, she says, but they grow court each day. >> argentina has one of the largest shale gas reserves in the world. in --ay this is good word good word for the country. others do not see it that way. the new base and could produce 27 billion barrels of shale oil. and that can help the energy deficit. >> this is a solution. you cannot let companies just operate as they please. there are regulations. >> they told aljazeera that operate within international and regular organizations. also with the local community. not believe the
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company will help them. they do not have titles for their land, and even if they do, the argentinian law says that the hydrocarbons belong to state authority. >> she has more immediate problems, how to feed her family of 10 and how to make the water last four months. and if the energy companies try to come back, she is ready. aljazeera, argentina.
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